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As global attention continues to focus on the burgeoning African fashion scene, we see a proliferation of fashion brands and African luxury creating a landscape for varied expression. From runways and diverse fashion weeks, to new designers and the Made in Africa renaissance, we are in a very exciting time on the continent.

With these positive developments comes the emergence of a clear role for fashion illustration to play in this creative boom. The average age of illustrators in Africa is 18-30, meaning the youth are central to this industry. Here at Fashion Illustration Africa, we saw a necessity and glaring gap in the industry regarding support for these creatives. Being well established in other fashion ecosystems around the world, we are committed to providing opportunities for upskilling and a profitable career for artists who choose this path.

Our founder Irene Omiunu was pleased to chat with Industrie Africa, about our launch in October 2020 and the plans we have for this year 2021. “I hope that this platform will help put African artists on the same global stage as their peers,” says FIA founder Omiunu. “I want to help create conditions where African fashion illustrators can be more selective about the kind of work they do. Africans (African art) are frequently the object; I’m hoping this platform will also make us subjects of our stories.”

The pandemic might be a concern, but its equally important we are resilient and push through the hurdles to keep creativity going!

You can read the full article HERE!

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